Stories Of Jayfield

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Hello and welcome to the stories of Jayfield and Modeerf.
These stories chronical the adventures of a few friends and such.
Please read and enjoy...
Warning: PG 13 for some mature content. Not as mature as some others but eh, if you're offended by what dolls do, then this ain't for you sadly. 

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Update May 17 2008: New Story: Foreshadowings of Threats
Update May 17 2008: New story: Comfort
Update May 02 2008: New story: more or Less
Update Apr 04 2008: New Story Oasis
Update Mar 28 2008: New Story loose ends
Update Mar 20 2008: new story... Daring to Try
Update Mar 7 2008: New Story... blargh, i haet html...BURN EET WITH FIRE
Update Feb 25 2008: New Story! Also, added a new links page so you can stalk me easier ;D
Update Jan 14 2008: reorganised site and created a new page for photostories.