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Hey there reader, I'm John or a.k.a kd_230692 on the internets.
I'm the insane guy who created this site and the stories within it. As a wee lad, i always loved to read. Shove a book under my nose and i will read it, because every story has their own point of view.
You may be asking "Why the hell a dude in his mid teens play with dolls?"
Well, also as a wee lad, i was always interested in toys. Plushies, bears, you name it, i was interested in it. i loved to create characters and personalities and always loved creating stories involving them.
i had another site, detailing the stories from my younger mind which i promptly left to rot. it can be found at:
Most of the character on this site are basically japanese customizable dollfies which you can paint and create from the ground up.
It was perfect for me. I used to collect barbies and other dolls in the 1/6th scale, but the posability was horrible. it made me feel limited in expressing their characters. it just put me off making photostories (and created the death of my website) and so i was in a rut.
But these japanese "dollfies" were so posable and you had such a range of heads to paint, i was in heaven.
so i was able to create unique characters and i practiced over and over again on my painting skills. they still don't look like the ones that fetch a gagillion dollars on ebay but they work for my photostories.
anyways, i hope you enjoy reading my stories and my weird humor too.